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Nevada Lawyer Magazine: Bolstering Litigation Skills with Trial Institute Experience

The week is educational, informative and exhausting! By the time you walk into the courthouse on the final Saturday morning, you have put in hundreds of hours of hard work, had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business, get individualized advice on how to improve as a litigator and received advice tailored for how to be the best lawyer you can be…  As young lawyers, we cannot compete with the number of trials or evidentiary hearings many of our opposing counsel will have under their belts. What we can do, however, is invest in our own careers by taking every opportunity to practice, improve and become the best litigators we can be.

Family Lawyer Magazine: Courtroom Tips from the Top

Family Lawyer Magazine asked five renowned lawyers from the faculty of the Institute to share some courtroom tips, skills, and strategies. “The Family Law Trial Institute has developed a proven method of instruction for family law attorneys seeking to advance their courtroom skills. Using the latest technology and emphasizing small group and individualized instruction, attendees are given the opportunity to learn how to analyze, prepare and conduct the trial of a family law case.
img cover courtroom tips from the top
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Family Lawyer Magazine: Training Family Lawyers for Trial

Stephen Kolodny talks to Family Lawyer Magazine about the Institute and giving back by training lawyers to be the best they can be in a courtroom: “The faculty, which consists of what some people consider some of the best family law trial lawyers in the country, believes that we ‘owe’ the family law legal community some ‘give-back’ by training lawyers to be the best they can in a courtroom. We know that enhancing those skills will also make them better at overall representation of their clients and better able to resolve cases in alternative dispute ways when other lawyers acknowledge their trial skills and courtroom abilities. Making better lawyers is our goal.